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Ansible basics

Ansible is a free software platform for configuring and managing computers. Based on Python, it allows to connect in parallel to multiple servers (via SSH), and implement in them the configurations that we have defined. What can we do with Ansible? In summary, anything that can be done from a shell script executed by SSH. […]


Register on AWS Marketplace

For all users of Amazon Web Services, Amazon has an online market where you can buy everything related to AWS. Thus, you can find AMI’s that come prepared with the specific software you need, CloudFormation scripts to create a specific platform, custom ECS containers, etc. In addition, Amazon gives you the option to upload your [...]


Should I change to a VPS?

Those of us dedicated to this web, with time accumulate small web that we maintain in different providers of cheap accommodation. They are products for which we do not charge much because they do not require much maintenance either, and they simply “are there”. Over time, and as the number of websites we keep increasing, [...]


What is AWS SNS?

Inside the Amazon Web Services, SNS is one of two services that deal with sending notifications. SNS stands for Simple Notification Service, and is the name that best defines its function: sending notifications to subscribers quickly and reliably. How does SNS work? SNS is a completely unattended and managed service, which operates in [...]


Create an Amazon AWS account

The process of creating an account in Amazon AWS is very simple, and includes a very innovative verification system that can give us some headaches. For those who want to create an account, here we show you the steps, which begin by opening the address in our browser: From here, in the upper right […]