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Basic concepts

What is AWS SNS?

Inside the Amazon Web Services, SNS is one of two services that deal with sending notifications. SNS stands for Simple Notification Service, and is the name that best defines its function: sending notifications to subscribers quickly and reliably. How does SNS work? SNS is a completely unattended and managed service, which operates in [...]


Create an Amazon AWS account

The process of creating an account in Amazon AWS is very simple, and includes a very innovative verification system that can give us some headaches. For those who want to create an account, here we show you the steps, which begin by opening the address in our browser: From here, in the upper right […]


What is the cloud?

Although the concept of Internet cloud has been with us for almost 20 years, it has not been until relatively recently that it has begun to reach all areas, it is now common for cloud services to be offered in environments that are not technical in nature, where before it was impossible. But … What […]