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The monster under the bed


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It’s been a long time since I read this entry by Raúl Hernández González, and he has come back to me on many occasions.

I must admit, even with a lot of shame, that I am the kind of person who is overwhelmed by some situations, or according to some tasks. I’m not sure why, but there are situations where I know what I have to do, I know I have to do it … but I dont do it. I have it in my head, I go round without rest as a soul in pain, but I still do not do it. I tell myself that I must do it at once, and I put myself in front of the computer to do it … but I still do not do it.

There have been times when my indecision (or cowardice) when solving some issues has become a problem, until the problem has disappeared because too much time has passed. Of course, then the problem has not disappeared, it has “mutated” into a lack of response to an important issue, or it has even meant losing a business opportunity.

I still have not understood where this problem lies, nor what I can do to get rid of that monster that lives under my bed, but for a long time, I apply a rule that helps me to move forward, even if I do not want to:

Do it now and you will save yourself the shame of not having done it.

By myself

For the moment, I have not let any problem, mail or task for a long time to come to nothing. I still find it very easy not to do it, but repeating that little mantra convinces me not to let it wait any longer.